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    Kòi Xinh .:: Cộng Tác Viên ::.

    Gồm nội dung các chương sau:

    - Role of Financial Markets and Institutions

    - Determina

    - Structure of Interest Rates

    - Money Markets

    - Bond Markets

    - Stock Offerings and Investor Monitoring

    - Market Microstructure and Strategies

    - Financial Futures Markets

    - Options Markets

    - Interest Rate Derivative Markets

    Chapter 1: Role of Financial Markets and Institutions

    1. Financial markets that facilitate the flow of long-term funds with maturities of more than one year are known as ____________.

    amoney markets
    bcapital markets
    cprimary markets
    dsecondary markets

    2. Financial markets facilitating the issuance of new securities are known as ____________.

    amoney markets
    bcapital markets
    cprimary markets
    dsecondary markets

    3. ____________ are not considered capital market securities.

    c retail CDs

    4. _________ are financial contracts whose values are obtained from the values of underlying assets.


    5. A bank's ______ quote is slightly higher than its _______ quote.

    aask; bid
    bbid; ask
    cask; transaction
    dtransaction; bid

    6. In a(n) _________ market, all information about any securities for sale is continuously and freely available to investors.

    a inefficient
    b efficient
    c perfect

    7. _________ are depository financial institutions.

    aSavings banks
    bFinance companies
    cMutual funds
    d Securities firms

    8. In aggregate, ____________ are the most dominant depository institution.

    acredit unions
    bsavings banks
    csavings and loan associations
    dcommercial banks

    9. ________ sell shares to surplus units and use the funds received to purchase a portfolio of securities. They are the dominant nondepository financial institution when measured in total assets.

    aSecurities firms
    bMutual funds
    cFinance companies
    dPension funds

    10. The main source of funds for ________________ is deposits from households, businesses, and government agencies, while their main use of funds is the purchase of government and corporate securities and mortgages and other loans to households.

    asavings institutions
    bcommercial banks
    cmutual funds
    dfinance companies

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